Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MLBB: Your New BFF

Over the last few years I have come to realize and appreciate simple natural beauty. Part of polishing a natural sort of look off is by using products that emphasize your natural colouring and features.  Of course, when it comes to a night out on the town or even a bold daytime statement look I am all for a bold lip. An eye catching red or pink lip is a great way to add another element to your look but when it comes o practical & convenient natural everyday beauty nothing polishes a look off better than an MLBB lipstick.

MLBB, abbreviated for "My Lips but Better!" is a lipstick that mimics the colour tone of your lips while adding more depth. These lipsticks elevate your everyday makeup look to naturally pretty & polished without any fuss. The practicality and ease of these lipsticks goes unmatched by any other lipstick, even the much loved nude lip.

Since MLBB's so closely resemble your natural lip colour you do not have to worry much about reapplication which make these lipsticks low maintenance and completely practical for day to day wear. Another fabulous convenient aspect of the MLBB is that no lip liners, pencils or glosses are required! Unlike bold lip colours which typically need a  liner to ensure that the colour won't bleed, these natural looking lipsticks apply without the worry of them bleeding or or staining your skin.

Since discovering the MLBB I have gathered up quite a large collection but these five have stood out in particular. Funnily enough these five MLBB's are all usually in my purse which admittedly is a bit silly, but when you're a MLBB addict like me it really comes as no surprise! The MLBB, your new BFF, will become such a go-to favourite in your beauty bag that you also may end up carrying around five just like me!


Velvet Teddy by MAC: This reddish & brown tone matte formula lipstick is perfect for simple and basic look for the day. This colour is likely the most different than my own as my lips are much more pink tone than brown, but it still sits on my lips very naturally. This formula can be drying but I typically do not take issue with matte lipsticks.

Fiend by Urban Decay: This lip colour is one I stumbled upon only during the last year but it's fast become one of my favourites. This full coverage lipstick has a gorgeous sheen and is incredibly moisturizing. I've been noticing more & more that this lipstick in particular is one I have been reaching for because it is such an easy colour to wear. The muted pink rose tone of Fiend is incredibly similar to my actual lip colour but adds a bit more depth & shine, which makes it a incredibly convenient choice for my daily wear.

Never Say Never by NARS: NAR's describes this matte lipstick as a "pink lilac" which honestly is not how I would describe this colour at all. To me this colour is a berry toned pink which is slightly brighter & deeper hued than my natural lip colour. This colour is new to my collection but is one that I favour for a night out, dinner date or a lunch out with friends, though this is also a colour that is quite wearable for daytime looks as well. This lipstick is great a an in-between MLBB & statement colour as it's much more wearable than a bold lip but still adds a bit more colour.

Faux by MAC: This lipstick is actually the very first lipstick I had ever purchased and have owned about three tubes of it since then. This colour is a very muted pink tone with subtle tan notes through it. I would consider this MLBB lipstick a light "dusty rose" sort of colour which is super wearable for day to day & actually is one of my favourite picks for a night out as well. Like Velvet Teddy, this lipstick is a matte formula.

Sex Machine by NARS: Unlike MAC's matte lipsticks, I have never once found NAR's lipsticks drying. In-fact I've always found the opposite. "Sex Machine" is described by NAR's as a "innocent pink mauve" which I feel is the perfect description! The pretty pink mauve colour is very natural and subtle when applied which makes it super practical for a full days wear.



  1. nice!!! ;-)))
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  2. This is my new favorite shade, too! I love your suggestions, I'm going to have to try some of these out!

  3. Great suggestions, i have fiend and rush by UD and they are really ice. you should try rush!

  4. Great list! Pinning these for sure!

  5. Ah, always so jealous of the gorgeous lipsticks you can wear. Still haven't found my perfect color which doesn't make me look like a clown hehe. I won't give up, I won't give up!! Love to first picture, you are so pretty!


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  6. Beautiful! I like the color of my lips but I do love lipsticks. This seems like a good mesh of the two.


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