5 Secrets to Mastering Casual Chic Style

Let’s be honest, there are a few factors that can kill a great outfit – a sudden change in the weather, unexpected coffee spillage, or realizing that a vital piece is inside-out. These things cannot be avoided – well, I mean – I suppose inside-out clothes can be…. but, you get what I am trying to say. Sometimes, there are things which are unavoidable and they turn a perfectly chic outfit into a fashion disaster. The un-avoidables will always be there, but a majority of the time you can master your chic every day style with these 5 simple style tips.

5 Ways to Always Look Stylish

1. Hope for the best, plan for the worst

So your weather app says “30% chance of showers”, well the odds are in your favour of it not raining – but from experience let me tell you that almost every time I’ve left my umbrella at home and banked on that “30%” being “0%” – I’ve regretted it. The sun suddenly disappears, and the sky opens up and unleashes relentless rain as though it be punishment for being so foolish as to leave my umbrella. Alright, that was dramatic – but really, it’s murphy’s law.

2. Create a foundation for your look

The easiest way to create a look that is stylish and sophisticated is by incorporating basics. While a pair of black jeans or a simple white t may seem bland, these basics are anything but! Simple pieces like these allow you to add in other colours, textures, and patterns without creating an overwhelming or confused looking outfit. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to incorporate these pieces into a single look:

  • BASICS: Keep the larger pieces as the basics (either the pants/skirt or shirt)
  • TEXTURE: Add in 1 textured piece (handbag, jacket, hat, or shoes)
    • You can also use one textured piece as a basic at times. For example, leather pants would work as an outfit staple.
  • COLOUR: Add in 1 colourful piece (handbag, jacket, hat, or shoes)

3. Never Sacrifice Comfort

There’s nothing that ruins an outfit than looking uncomfortable in it. Seriously, just picture it – a gorgeous dress, and stunning high heels – but the dress is so tight you can breathe, and the shoes are pinching your toes. Not such a pretty picture, is it? When it comes to your outfits, choose pieces you truly want to wear and feel at ease in. Speaking of high heels, if you’re like me and tend to stick to flats and sneakers than you’ll love my post sharing 6 stylish outfit ideas for the girl who refuses to wear high heels.

4. Accessorize

You may have noticed already, but for those of you who haven’t been reading the UU for long – I am not a huge accessories person. I typically wear 1 – 2 pieces at most, maybe a stylish watch, or simple pair of earrings. While I’ve never been someone who layers on accessories (though admittedly, I did try for quite some time), there’s no denying that accessories really do tie a look together.

5. Add in Texture

Texture completes a look and makes it appear more thought out, stylish, and sophisticated. Some textures to consider are leather, suede, denim, knits, and lace.



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  1. March 11, 2017 / 9:39 am

    Haha I can completely relate to the rain thing. I always use to leave the house thinking ‘oh, 30-40% should be fine…it probably won’t rain’ and of course, it rained every time. So now I bring an umbrella even if it’s only 20%.

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