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This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own!Ana Luisa Jewelry Review

I am not a flashy jewelry sort of person. Instead, I like dainty pieces of jewelry that delicately add elegance to an outfit. I recently discovered Ana Luisa jewelry, and their beautiful necklaces and earrings are exactly that: delicate, dainty, and irresistibly pretty.

Ana Luisa Jewelry Review Ana Luisa Jewelry ReviewAna Luisa Jewelry Review

Ana Luisa was created by a few creatives who had the joy of working for incredible fashion brands such as Kenzo, Alexander Wang, Tory Burch, and Ralph Lauren. Through their collaborative efforts, they built Ana Luisa, a brand dedicated to created unique and precious earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets for the masses. Their jewelry is curated at their New York headquarters and their jewelry is all handcrafted. 

For 3 years, we’ve created jewelry for some of the world’s most famous designers. At that point we got tired of the big brand markup (up to 15x! Crazy, right?) and knew there was a better way to offer beautiful and high-quality jewelry. So we launched Ana Luisa in 2017 as an online alternative, eliminating the middle-man. Our experience in jewelry design and our network of premium manufacturers allowed us to take the direct-to-consumer approach.

Ana Luisa Jewelry Review

Ana Luisa Jewelry Review

The two items I have are the Gisele Stud Earrings, and the Layered Nicole Necklace. Gisele Stud Earrings are lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful. They are super sparkly and eye-catching which makes them a great go-to when going for a more glam look, or when wanting to dress up a simple outfit.

Ana Luisa Jewelry ReviewThe Layered Nicole Necklace is a beautiful minimalist necklace that has really become my go-to lately. This necklace adds a beautiful and subtle elegance to an outfit that I just cannot get enough of. I love this layered over simple t-shirts, paired with a little black dress – really with anything. It’s just one of those sorts of necklaces.

Ana Luisa Jewelry ReviewAna Luisa Jewelry Review

As you can likely tell, I love Ana Luisa jewelry – and I adore their free membership (hello shopping addiction!).  Ana Luisa offers a free membership which allows you unlimited access to all of their collections and gives you a 1-year warranty, free shipping and returns, and a surprise gift with every order you make. Pretty wonderful right? Well, here’s a bonus: sign up today and use code Bree15 to receive $15 off your order.

Want to learn more about Ana Luisa? Stop by their blog to learn about fashion jewelry trends, see interviews with the designers, and find jewelry guides.

Sign up today and use code Bree15 to receive $15 off your order.



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