Cozy Fall Home Decor

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Cozy Fall Home Decor

Alright, after seriously resisting the notion that Fall was upon us – I am finally embracing it. I’m officially ready for cozy fall home decor, sweaters, slippers, and Netflix nights in (sorry friends, I’ll see you all next summer)

It always takes me a while to “come around” to accepting its fall. While I love fall fashion, I really really really hate being cold. I have the weakest immune system ever and it seems once fall hits, I am basically sick or battling some sort of mild cold until mid-spring. Even as I type that out, I can feel the dread of it all creeping up on me.

But fall does bring some wonderful things, too. I love during these months the excuse to take some more R&R, to enjoy cozy spa nights at home, to live in my biggest and snuggliest sweater, and to catch up on all my favourite Netflix shows that I neglected over the summer.

Fall Styles I Love

It’s during these few months that my life calms down again, and I embrace saying “no” to more events. That may sound negative, but as a person who pretty much always says yes to events, saying no and staying home is very welcomed.

Cozy Fall Home Decor

Another thing I love about fall? Cozy Fall home decor. Yes, let’s bring out the throw blankets, add a few pillows to the bed, and let’s grab a few pretty pumpkins to really get us into the fall swing of things. Here are a few items I am just swooning over:

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    • Bree
      October 3, 2018 / 12:05 pm

      Awe! Wow! Thank you SO much. I’ve been beginning to add some fall pieces into our apartment and I’m loving it – it feels so cozy!!

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