Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator Review

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While I was recently shopping in Sephora, I spotted the Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator. On first glance, I thought it looked pretty unique in comparison to all the other highlighters I’ve tried and purchased in the past. The jelly-like consistency intrigued me and so I decided that I needed it in my makeup collection, asap.

The Packaging

The packaging is beautiful but in my opinion, finicky. The twist on lid lends itself to being twisted on incorrectly and risks spilling the product out – which would be pretty devastating considering this is a luxury highlighter with a luxury pricetag.

I wish they had made this highlighter with a click-shut package instead so there would be less concern over properly closing the product. That being said, the gold and glass packaging is very pretty and does look quite luxurious.



The Farsali Jelly beam highlighter is called “Glazed” and is described as “Frosted Champagne” which I would say is fairly accurate. This highlighter is definitely a warm-toned champagne highlight with a golden shift which you notice as you move and your skin hits the light.


What impressed me most with this highlight was the blendability of it. Given it’s new and unique texture, I was concerned that it would ball-up or become clumpy when applied over foundation. Quickly though I found that this highlighter easily blended out and looked seamless with my foundation and blush. I simply patted the highlighter out with my finger to blend it out, and since have tried blending it out with a sponge and it blended easily as well.

The Cost:


The price tag for this product seems high to me. While the product is beautiful, the cost of it is steep. I wish they had priced it lower so it didn’t feel like such a costly investment. I do think this highlighter is beautiful though



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