How to Get Fuller Looking Lips with PMD Kiss

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Aside from full thick brows, full voluptuous lips have been the biggest beauty trend over the last 5+ years. It seems like everyone wants to have a fuller looking pout – but not everyone is wanting to pay the high price tag that comes along with getting filler.

As an avid lipstick lover myself, I have also always loved the idea of having fuller looking lips. I mean, imagine all the lipstick colours and up close insta-videos I would shoot, right? While I have no issue with fillers, and actually am planning on getting them soon (stay tuned for that video!), I know that not everyone is 100% on board, so the PMD Kiss is a great option for those who want fuller lips but don’t want to have injections themselves.

The PMD Kiss device is an easy at-home anti-aging treatment that helps plump lips which reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area. For best results, PMD recommends that you use this device daily so that it consistently is boosting collagen production which will provide longer lasting anti-aging results. This completely makes sense since all skincare treatments results are best maintained by consistent use.

To begin, you first want to apply the PMD Kiss Smart Lip Plumping Serum to your lips. Then it’s time to use the actual PMD Kiss device. As noted in the PMD directions, you’ll be using the device by “dividing” your lip into six sections. You’ll place the PMD Kiss on a section of your lip, turn the PMD kiss on and feel that it creates a seal around your lip, you’ll then allow it to pump 15-20 times before moving to the next section. You repeat this until you’ve treated the entire lip area. After using the PMD Kiss you’ll immediately notice that your lips look fuller, and have more colour.

Here are my results:

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