Going Blonder | New Hair and Haircare Update

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Sometimes, I just feel like I need a hair change. Does anyone else get like that?

Lately, I’ve been feeling like going blonder – even though, I know, the trend typically for Fall is to go darker. I’m going against the grain, my friends!

Of course though, when considering going blonder you also have to consider the damage that comes along with it. While I love being blonde, I have had some scary experiences with my hair (read more about my going bleach blonde nightmare here) and so I am always a bit hesitant to dive into a big change with my hair colour.

A few months ago though, I had the luck of meeting Lauren McKay, who is an incredible hairstylist at Workshop Salon here in Vancouver.

Meet Lauren!

After working at one of Edinburgh’s top salon for 6 years, Lauren decided to move from Edinburgh, Scotland to Vancouver. Lauren has dedicated her time towards building her career at downtown salons. Lauren has been training with Wella, L’Oreal Professional, GHD Tool and is constantly keeping up with all the current trends.

Lauren specializes in all color services like Balayage, Baby Lights and gives an amazing blow dry. Her attention to detail, eagerness to please, and passion for beauty makes her an amazing addition to our salon. Lauren’s goal is to make every client that sits in her chair feel confident and happy about themselves. // Call: 604.558.0299 // Book in with Lauren today!

Lauren has now lightened my hair twice, and both times she has somehow done it with little to no damage. We’ve maybe had to snip the bottom half inch, but that’s it – and honestly, I probably needed that half inch taken off even before lightening my hair since I really only cut my hair once every year. She takes time and care to ensure that you get the hair you want without sacrificing how healthy your hair looks and feels – and I really appreciate that.


After lightening my hair, there are a few things I always do.

1. I always invest in a great deep conditioner. I personally LOVE the Coco & Eve mask, and I also absolutely adore the MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask

2. I use a light serum frequently. I have been switching up between my usual Moroccanoil Light Serum and my Kristin Ess Weightless Serum lately. They are both great, but I like them for different uses. The MoroccanOil serum is a bit heavier and so I like to use it before bed. I use a healthy amount, braid my hair, and then let it soak up overnight to really condition my ends. The Kristin Ess serum is a bit lighter and so I like to use this after styling to just smooth my ends and make them appear a bit softer.


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