How I Easily Apply Liquid Eyeliner

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For years now, one of the biggest questions I’ve received has to do with my eyeliner. I used to wear eyeliner every single day. I loved a simple makeup look with a demure cat-eye – it looked sophisticated and put together and it took me only minutes to complete: and that’s what I call a win-win.

My favourite eyeliner products

I tend to stick to the same tried and true eyeliner products which include: It Cosmetics Superhero Liner, Stila Liner, Lise Watier Liquid Eyeliner, and MAC Cosmetics gel eyeliner in Blacktrack. While today I am focusing on the It Cosmetics Superhero Liner (because it’s what I’ve been using the last couple of months – I only really have 1-2 eyeliner open at a time for fear of them drying out and wasting them) I still want to highlight a few other eyeliner that I highly recommend:

The It Cosmetics and Stila liners are both felt-tip liners and I truly feel that felt tip eyeliners are GREAT for beginners to eyeliners. They offer a bit more control and precision when applying the eyeliner. The one thing that sets these two felt tip eyeliners apart from all the other felt-tip eyeliner I’ve tried is how black they apply. Lower quality felt-tip liners sometimes apply very thin, watery, and more-grey-toned than black. So, if you’re on the hunt for a great felt-tip liner, then I highly recommend these two.

The Lise Watier Liquid Eyeliner is the first eyeliner I ever really fangirled over. I started using it in high-school and it has maintained as one of my holy grail items. This liner is very liquidy so if you’re super new to eyeliner, then you may find this slightly more difficult than the felt-tip liners. But, this is the blackest black eyeliner I’ve ever used and it’s the longest wearing. #IAmObsessed

The last liner I love is the MAC Cosmetics gel liner in Blacktrack. I love Mac’s gel liners (they discontinued the most beautiful shade, rich ground, and I am BROKEN over it!) and their Blacktrack liner is such a fantastic option for those who prefer to use an angled brush to apply their eyeliner. I also love using this eyeliner in the waterline. Just be sure to give this liner a bit of time to dry, otherwise, it can transfer.

How I Easily Apply Liquid Eyeliner

1. To start, I always line the end of my lash line and then the inner corner of my eye.

2. Once those lines are created, bridge them together.

3. To create the wing, I start be creating a tiny flick on each eye. This is basically the “marker” point to ensure that the positioning of the wing is the same on either side.

4. I then lightly press down the It Cosmetics Superhero liner to create the end of the flick, and as I drag it towards my eye, I press down a little harder to create that thin to thick effect.

5. If I have any errors, I simply go in with a q-tip to clean them up. Just remember to wait until the eyeliner is completely dry before going in with a damp q-tip.


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