Interview with Simone Pérèle Artistic Director Katia Charle

A few months ago, I discovered Simone Pérèle fine lingerie. The thought and care that went into each piece were what initially had me intrigued by Simone Pérèle, but what got me hooked was the actual difference in support and feel.

The thing about undergarments is that so often we look at them as just necessities that we forget to find beauty in them. Simone Pérèle fine lingerie combines comfort, quality, and beauty so that you can really have beautiful undergarments that are also practical to wear. With Simone Pérèle you can say goodbye to boring old beige granny panties and say hello to something actually you’ll really want to wear.

The best bra is the one we forget we are wearing.

                                                      – Simone Pérèle 

What makes Simone Pérèle so different is their dedication to ensuring that their styles are comfortable. Often when it comes to fashion, practicality and wearability can be lost in the design – but Simone Pérèle knows that real women will only wear things that work for their lives, and that’s why they ensure that their undergarments will actually feel comfortable. I mean, as Simone Pérèle once said: “The best bra is the one we forget we are wearing.”

Artistic Director, Katia Charle is the Artistic Director and mastermind behind Simone Pérèle FW17 collection. I recently had the joy of asking her a few questions, and here are her answers:


Interview with Simone Pérèle Artistic Director Katia Charle

What makes this collection so special in comparison to others?

Parisian Quintessence is the theme of our Fall-Winter 2017 collection. Paris is an endless source of inspiration. We are all Parisian, in our own way, with a touch of Je Ne Sais Quoi that changes everything. This collection showcases the major shopping destinations and monuments of the city… The surprising midriff band of the bras in the FLIRT line is inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

How did you come up with the concept of the FW17 collection?

Paris is an endless source of inspiration, which is why the theme of the collection is Parisian Quintessence.

What is the design process like at Simone Pérèle?

We start each collection by analysing the requests of women from all over the world, then we make a plan. We have two product categories: Essentials (Les Essentiels) and Favourites (Les Coups de Cœur). Each season, we create about 300 prototypes based on the current trends to create 4 lines of about 10 different items each.

An internal creation committee makes the final choices among the products that we have presented and that have been tried. We subject our products to consumer tests in France and in other countries and our choices are based on the results of those tests since meeting the needs of women is one of our main concerns. Once styles and colours have been chosen, items are developed internally and worn by women on our team (or outside of our team if no one wears the size of a particular style)

How does one find their right bra size, shape, and fit?

It is best to be advised by a specialist who will listen to your needs. The style depends on your breasts and also of your clothing habits, however, the back band of the bra should always be parallel to the floor and the breasts should fit comfortably in the cups; not spilling out!

What makes  Simone Pérèle different from the rest of the lingerie industry?

Simone Pérèle listens to women and we are a fashion brand that combines style and comfort. We think of the different body types of all women, and we also believe that the underpants are just as important as the bra.

Kati’s Tips, Tricks, and Insights!

You should always adapt your lingerie to the clothes that you are wearing. With a top with a plunging neckline, you should wear a different bra than the one you would wear with a turtleneck, or with a tight-fitting top, or with casual clothes…

Don’t hesitate to give people a glimpse of your lingerie when it complements what you are wearing. It can be feminine and elegant to do so. The bodysuit can also be an asset not to be overlooked.

Also, don’t forget what SIMONE PÉRÈLE herself used to say: The best bra is the one we forget we are wearing.

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