New Years Resolutions to Make for 2018

2017 was such a great year. I really loved every moment of it. With 2017 being such a wonderful year for me personally, it makes me excited for 2018 and all the things that have yet to come.

Each year, I like to set out a few goals for the year ahead. While I know it’s become almost unpopular to create resolutions, I still think there’s value in taking a moment to acknowledge what you’d like to achieve going forward. It’s always been my opinion that when you recognize your goals, write them down, and see them, you’re more likely to keep working towards them.

This year, I am don’t have a laundry list of goals. Instead, I have a few lifestyle changes that I want to make. Now, I don’t plan to make them all at once, instead I plan to slowly implement them throughout the year so that I am more likely to stick to those changes.

Care for Your Skin

Over the last few years, I’ve really made skincare a priority. But this year, I am actually noticing how much my skin needs good skincare. When I miss a day of my routine I personally feel like I can tell (though, my husband says I’m crazy!) that my skin looks drier, and my fine lines are more visible. I actually read that at age 27 your skin stops producing collagen the same way as it once did and you begin to notice more fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness in your skin. And, I am sad to say that that is exactly what I’ve begun noticing with my skin in the last few months. With all that being said, in 2018 I am looking into using a medical grade skincare routine to help improve my skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Take Care of Yourself

This year I plan to really take more time for me. Last year, I really overworked myself and I ended up really burning out right before my wedding. So much so that I actually quit my job right before our wedding. I took on too much, felt taken advantage of, and ended up coming to my senses right before my wedding: don’t cling to a job you hate, that stresses you out, and makes you unhappy. After that, I really felt like I put my life in perspective.

There will always be stressful moments, but you need to make sure you allow time for yourself to enjoy life. When you begin sacrificing things that make you happy (like for me I began finding myself skipping workouts and my pilates classes) then you need to cut down on the things that are making your life more difficult. Take care of yourself, your mind, and your body.

In 2018, one thing I want to focus on is creating a stress-free environment, and a routine to help me manage my stress. Everyone has stressors in their life, and it’s important to create a routine that will allow you to deal with your stress in a healthy way. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed is awful, so this year I really want to uncover ways for me to work through my stress rather than feel weighed down by it.

Go on an Adventure

There’s nothing that makes me feel more creative, excited, and renewed than a good ol’ adventure. This year we have 2 trips planned, one that is coming up at the end of this month, and one in May, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Take some time to go on an adventure – go camping for a weekend, go on a roadtrip, or head away on a big backpacking tour around Europe – just be sure you do something for you this year that makes you feel excited.

Get Healthy

Right before my wedding, I really put a lot of focus on my exercise routine and diet. I wanted to feel my best on my wedding day, so I went on more hikes, spent more time cooking healthy meals, and make health more prominent in my life. By the end of the summer, I really began to love my new extra-healthy routine and I want to continue on that path. Lately, I’ve been incorporating the BodyBoss Method workouts into my routine, and I want to get to the gym more frequently. I would love for my weekend plans to revolve around health and being active.


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