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We got a kitty!

About six weeks ago, we went and adopted a little kitty. For years now, I have wanted a cat and this year we nearly took the plunge until we realized that we would be away for a full week for our wedding – and all the people we could ask to “cat sit” would be attending our wedding. So, we decided to wait until after our wedding to adopt our little fur baby.

When we decided to get a cat, I knew I wanted to adopt one from a rescue shelter. There are so many cats and dogs in the shelters, and it just breaks my heart thinking about all of them. I am a total animal lover, so to thinking of cats and dogs stuck in cages, waiting for someone to bring them home, really tugs at my heart.

Oliver wasn’t in the shelter due to the BC fires unlike many animals this summer, instead, he was simply just surrendered back the shelter by his owners. They had him for a year and then decided they didn’t want him anymore because he was too active at night. I felt so sad for this adorable little cat – he had found his supposed “furever home”, gotten comfortable there, and then was stuck back in a shelter. The woman at the shelter shared with me how timid, confused, and scared he had been since arriving there. He truly seemed at a loss as to why he was there, hiding all the way back in his crate, looking absolutely miserable.

Now the really heartbreaking part is when you surrender a cat that is over their “kitten phase” the chances of them getting adopted is pretty slim. People want kittens, so adult cats often are forgotten about. I was the only person who applied for little Oliver. I am so glad we got him (he is truly the sweetest little thing!), but it makes me so sad thinking about all those other cats who don’t ever get to go home with someone just because they are a bit older.

Oliver is one year old and a total character. He loves his scratching post (if you’ve seen my insta-stories than you already know he is a total nut about his post!), his string-obsessed, and he is a total love bug. He loves to sit on the chair next to me as I work (he legit is sitting there right now), and he is a big talker (or meow-er?)

Of course, like any cat – Oliver has moments. He has issues with aggression which we are trying to deal with. He occasionally gets very vicious unprovoked, and we have been looking for ways to calm him down. We recently invested in some Licks Calming Aid to help him chill out during his moments of stress, and our vet has recommended we put him on some medication to help calm his nerves. If any of you have tips on how to calm your kitty down, please let me know in the comment section!

It’s been such a joy for us to have little Oliver. And while I am sad about how his journey came to us, I am glad he is here because this actually will be his furever home.

There are tons of cats needing adoption. If you’re considering adopting a cat then I would recommend looking through Cat Therapy and Rescue or visiting their Facebook Page. They are tons of cats posted who are looking for homes.



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