Shiseido Future Solution LX Skincare Line Review

The Shiseido Future Solution LX line was given to me at a blogging event. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.Shiseido Future Solution LX Skincare Line Review, Future Solution LX Total Protective Emulsion Broad Spectrum SPF 20, Future Solution LX Total Protective Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20, Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam, Future Solution LX Concentrated Balancing Softener, Future Solution LX Intensive Firming Contour Serum, Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Cream, Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream,

Back in October, I attended an event where I was lucky enough to enjoy a Shiseido Future Solution LX facial, and at the end, everyone who attended was given their own Shiseido Future Solution LX  skincare set to go home and try. So, for the last 6 or so weeks, I’ve been exclusively using Shiseido skincare.

The Future Solution LX skincare line was recently reformulated to include SkingenecellEnmei. (Don’t ask me to pronounce that!) This new ingredient helps to slow down the aging process and restore and repair skin cells in order to give you smoother, softer, and more youthful looking skin.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Skincare Line Review

For years, I’ve enjoyed Shiseido products, but I rarely had the opportunity to try more than 1-2 products at a time. Being provided with the full set made me extra-excited as I have always really wanted to try their skincare products together to see the full effect of their skincare line. And now that it has been a few weeks, I felt like I have really gotten to try and see how the skincare line works, and I am excited to share my review with you all.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Skincare Line Review

Before we jump into the individual products, I want to first talk about the entire Shiseido Future Solution LX  line. Shiseido products are always very beautiful, but this line went above and beyond my expectations beauty-wise. These products are the sort of products that you want to have on display on a shelf, as they are so lovely to look at. I think the ombre gold and black packaging, as well as the bright and airy white packaging, look very beautiful.

I really appreciate when a brand puts thought and effort into the way their skincare line branding looks overall, and you can tell Shiseido really did put thought into their packaging. I love that their symbol is beautifully shown at the top of each product and that each product’s packaging is heavy and luxurious feeling.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Skincare Line Review

Future Solution LX Total Protective Emulsion SPF 20

In the mornings, I have been applying the Future Solution LX Total Protective Emulsion SPF 20. I love that it has a light SPF in it as I am always concerned about sun protection.

The Emulsion is quite a milky formula when you first pump it out but as you blend it you’ll notice it becomes quite thin in texture. I have found that the SPF in it does give off a pretty strong scent, but in general, I don’t mind the smell of SPFs because I appreciate what they are doing for my skin.

What I like most about the emulsion is how it dries down. Once applied, it really blends our easily and it dries down/absorbs in quickly. It doesn’t feel tacky or sticky like so many SPF products do.

Cost: $260.00

Future Solution LX Total Protective Cream SPF 20

This product is slightly heavier than what I’ve been used to applying in the morning, but I’ve found the extra-boost of hydration has really been helping soothe and remedy my typical dry spots (ie. around my nose)

I also have found that hydrating my skin with a heavier product like this in the AM has helped my makeup apply much more smoothly and evenly. In addition, having such a hydrating product on my skin has helped stop my makeup from clinging to my dier spots.

Cost: $260.00

Shiseido Future Solution LX Skincare Line Review
Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam

The cleansing foam is one thing I have gone through so quickly. The tube is on the small side (in my opinion) and since I typically cleanse twice a day, I went through this product much faster than I have the others – in fact, it’s the only one I have finished!

This cleansing foam is so soft and gentle on your skin. Out of the tube, it’s quite a thick pearly white cream (it reminds me of the look of a shampoo) and as you work it into your skin it becomes much foamier and light.

Cost: $60.00

Future Solution LX Concentrated Balancing Softener

The Future Solution LX Concentrated Balancing Softener is the toner of the skincare set. It has a milky consistency which is quite soothing on your skin. I apply the balancing softener by adding 2-3 pumps onto a cotton pad and then lightly running the pad over my skin. This is one of my favourite steps of this skincare routine as it really does instantly make your skin feel baby soft and soothed.

Cost: $105.00

Shiseido Future Solution LX Skincare Line Review

Future Solution LX Intensive Firming Contour Serum

The contour cream you can technically use both in the morning and at night, but with already using 2-3 products in the AM, I have decided to reserve use of the contour serum in the evening. In the mornings, I really only want to use a couple of products so that my skin doesn’t appear oily throughout the day.

The contour cream is one of my favourite products from the line. It is more like a milk than a serum. You apply this contour milk just using your hands, and I was told you want to apply it to your face and neck in an upward massaging motion. This milk is supposed to help contour your face, and tighten your skin.

I have found this to be an extremely great product. I really do feel like it has made my jawline more contoured looking, and I just love how lightly hydrating it feels on my skin.

Cost: $300.00

Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Cream

The Night Cream is another fantastic product. It’s a little heavier, and therefore I would recommend it for those looking for a heavier, more intensive, and more hydrating product.

After I cleanse, apply the softener, and firming contour cream, I then apply the Regenerating cream. I know, it sounds like a lot of steps but seriously – it feels so luxurious and makes your skin feel so soft, it’s like having a mini spa session at home every night!

The Regenerating Cream was the one step I was originally a little nervous about. My skin is fairly balanced and so I was concerned that this would “overhydrate” my skin and cause it to have breakouts. But since using this entire line I have had a grand total of ZERO breakouts, and my skin has never looked so vibrant, healthy, and hydrated before.

As a night cream, the Regenerating Cream is heavier than the other lotions, serums, and creams in the line. It is slightly peach tone looking in the jar, and is quite thick. When you apply it in small dabs around your face (I apply about a dime size amount to my entire face) and blend it out it does feel slightly tacky. Overnight though it sinks into your skin and leaves you with soft and smooth skin.

Cost: $280.00

Shiseido Future Solution LX Skincare Line Review

Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream

Last but certainly not least is the Eye and Lip Contour cream. This cream right off the bat was one of my absolute favourite products. And, I am not just saying absolute favourites just from the line – I am saying absolute favourite products – ever!

The eye and lip contour cream is super thick, super creamy, and super hydrating. Like the Regenerating Cream, the eye and lip contour cream has a slight peach tone to it and when you apply it you’ll notice it leaves a peach/white cast to your skin.

While I am still quite young, I have found that my eyes are one place I am noticing fine lines and darkness. Since using this over the last 6 weeks though, I have found that my eyes look brighter, and my lips are less chapped.

Cost: $150.00

Now, I know what you’re thinking right now… “How much do all these cost?” and honestly, I am scared to tell you the answer – because this line is by no means “affordable”. This is a definite luxury skincare line.

Overall, I love this skincare line but of course I know it’s not for all budgets!





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    Ahhh I must try out this range!!! I totally agree on what you said in regards to the packaging, I love how luxurious it is. Perhaps I’ll give that eye cream a try, so many eye creams and serums have disappointed me this year 🙁 Wah! Hopefully I have success with this one!

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