Not a lipstick fan? Try these instead.

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Alright: let’s have a moment of brutal honesty.

Lipstick is not convenient. 

I know: that’s an internet breaking statement… Just kidding.

But, I’m also kind of not kidding. I love makeup – I am straight up addicted to it. But, the more I wear lipstick, the more I find myself annoyed with it. Lipsticks look great initially, but it can bleed onto your skin, it can transfer and wear off patchy, and you constantly have to be checking it and reapplying.

Recently though, I was sent the full line of Urban Decay Lo-Fi lip mousse. Initially, I wasn’t sold on these lip-powder-stain-thingys – but over the last few weeks, they’ve really grown on me. While these lip mousses aren’t hydrating, they also aren’t as high-maintenance as normal lipsticks.

I’ve been finding myself reaching for these lip mousses more and more often. In particular, I am a huge fan of the shades Fade, Echo, and Frequency. Fade is more of a nude-mauve tone, Echo is a mauve-pink tone, and Frequency is a vibrant coral.

Described on Sephora as:

“A weightless, buildable, waterproof lip color with a velvety-soft finish that feels like you’re wearing nothing.”

I would agree with that description. The mousse is super lightweight – once applied, it truly feels like you have nothing on. The colour is incredibly buildable. You can either rock a light wash of colour, or you can build it to full opacity.

Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse

Fade: medium warm mauve-toned nude
Echo: mauve-pink
Halo: soft baby pink
Noise: magenta/berry pink
Wavelength: medium purple
Boom: deep plum purple with red shimmer
Amplify: deep berry/burgundy red
Frequency: vibrant coral/orange

While I love the nude-tones (surprise!) I also think these are a great option for those who are nervous to wear darker or deeper lip tones.

While I like deeper lipsticks, I often find them to be very high maintenance. You always have to be checked to see if the colour has bled, smudged, transferred, or worn off in patches. But, you don’t really have any of these issues with the lip mousse. When applied, the mousse just kind of sets and stains your lips so you really don’t have to do anything to maintain the look of it throughout the day.

One warning: if you apply the lip mousse with your finger, then you may find the colour will stain your finger – especially the darker tones. I would recommend applying it with a brush.


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